The Difference between Holy Icons and Paintings

Designing & Drawing an Icon: A Study

with Alla Kirevya

June 8, 2019


Designing & Drawing an Icon: A Study 

In most iconography courses, students begin with transferring an image to their icon board and immediately begin the painting process.  Rarely are they exposed to the process of developing and refining an icon image before the painting process even begins.

 In this one-day enrichment workshop, Alla Kirevya will teach us the basics of using preparatory line drawing to design an icon.       Alla will explain the iconography of an image and show how to develop a “proris” or line drawing of the icon using pigments and a brush.  She will then explain how such line drawing can be used prepare studies which allow the iconographer to refine the image before the actual painting process begins.  

 The workshop will begin the Friday evening with a presentation: “The Difference between Holy Icons and Paintings”

 During the formal workshop Saturday, the instructor will demonstrate each of the key steps in the painting process and will individually assist each student as they progress on their own study, so each student gains a good understand the structure of basic lines in icons which will develop a strong basis for the image and practice with brushes to get confident lines and different brushstrokes.

 Instructor: ALLA KIREYEVA  has been a passionate Iconographer since 2010 and was led to iconography through what would be described as the “Grace of God”.   Through her teachings, she shares the connection and symbolism of the Icon to the Sacred in a way that is engaging and inspiring.   Alla is an active member and teacher with the Sacred Art Guild of Alberta.


June 7, 2019 – Evening Lecture: Friday 6:30-8:30pm - Open to all SAGA Members and the General Public interested in the Sacred Arts welcome to join in on this Lecture 

June 8, 2019 – Formal Instruction: Saturday  9 am- 3 pm (one-hour lunch break)

Location: Sacred Heart Church - 1307 14 St SW, Calgary

Cost: SAGA Members $65.00; Non-members $75.00

Supplies: Participants are responsible for their own supplies.   A list of supplies will be sent out upon registration along with several Portraits for selection for your study.  

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