Sacred Arts Guild Annual General Meeting

This years’ Annual General meeting will take place November 23rd, from 1pm to 4pm at Sacred Heart Church - Housey Hall (1307 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C6)

Guest speaker Ted Burchnall - SAGA member and photographer will give a talk and guide us through what we should consider in photographing our art work for digital media and visual displays. Ted’s work has been in many exhibits and shows in and around the Calgary area.

Ted recently helped with a SAGA project photographing the Sacred Arts in support of St. Joseph’s Architectural Art Walk and Talk.

St. Joseph’s now has their work’s professionally captured and memorialized. A collection of the works have been selected for postcards and ongoing fundraiser. Time permitting we’ll have Ted speak to us about the work that went into this project and the effort that went into capturing the Bell Tower Gargoyles and Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph’s. We are so grateful for his time and commitment to the cause.

All members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. We need our members input and ideas for next year’s events and election of upcoming year’s executive

Please put forth as soon as possible your name for positions and roles you are interested by email to