Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta (SAGA)

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s call to be “custodians of beauty,” the Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta (SAGA) is a community of artists and associates who are interested in the study, preservation, and renewal of traditional methods for creating liturgical and sacred art in the Christian tradition.

Our purpose is:

· To promote increased awareness and appreciation of ways that the beauty of liturgical and sacred art can enhance the meaning and understanding of faith within homes and parish communities.

· To encourage dialogue and learning between the Catholic artistic tradition and other Christian expressions of sacred art, particularly the Eastern iconographic tradition;

· To bring together those who wish to deepen their understanding of the traditions and various forms that Christian art has taken over the centuries;

· To foster the recovery of ancient and traditional methods of art and craft making that can be used to create new, contemporary expressions of the faith.

· To inspire collaboration between artists and artisans in the creation of new works;

· To deepen the understanding of the historical and theological foundations of liturgical and sacred art as a living tradition;

· To encourage the use of original works of liturgical art in homes, parishes, schools, and other public spaces.

· To encourage the professional development of artists, at all levels from beginners to professionals, in improving their skills and knowledge of sacred art.

· To provide resources for parishes and schools regarding the role of sacred art in community life

In order to achieve these goals, the Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta will seek:

· To sponsor activities which promote the professional and personal development of the members of the society;

· To organize occasional workshops and talks for its members and the broader community;

· To hold regular open studios times and seek to establish a shared studio space for its members.

· To sponsor occasional exhibitions of the work of the guild’s members in order to make their work better known within the community;

· To sponsor an annual guild Mass for artists, patrons, and friends of the arts;

· To establish a directory of artists and artisans who are involved in the liturgical and sacred arts in Alberta;

· To collaborate with other organizations that promote sacred art nationally and internationally

· To provide referrals and information resources among members.