SAGA is a partner with Pontifex University's Master's of Sacred Arts

SAGA is pleased to have been invited to become a partner organization with the Master's of Sacred Arts  Program of Pontifex University.

The MA in Sacred Arts is a new degree program, offered primarily online, which combines theology, philosophy, architecture, art history, and fine arts.   Students who have completed graduate credits in one more more subjects included in the program may seek to transfer these credits towards the MSA degree.

As an arts degree, the Pontifex University program is unique in that he gives each student an sold understanding of the theological and philosophical basis for Christian culture while also including studio courses in drawing, painting, and geometry.

As a partner organization, students will be able to take designated workshops offered by SAGA as credit towards the studio portion of their degree. 

For more information on the Master's of Sacred Arts degree, please see: 

David Clayton is Provost of Pontifex University and founder of their Master's of Sacred Arts.  He is a well know artist, speaker, author, and advocate for the renewal of sacred art, especially in the Catholic tradition.  He has written, The Way of Beauty: Liturgy, Education, and Inspiration for Family, School, and College (Angelico Press).