The Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta has a three fold mission:

  1. To bring together those whose wish to deepen their understanding of historical and theological foundations of sacred,
  2. to inspire collaboration between artists and artisans in the recovery to tradition methods of art and craft making in order to create new, contemporary expressions of sacred art,
  3. to promote an awareness and appreciation for sacred and liturgical art in our parish communities.  

In order to achieve these goals, SAGA sponsors a variety of activities.  Be sure to check out our upcoming activities and plan to join us.


Upcoming workshops

SAGA hosts occasional workshops, shorter enrichment days,  and open studios to improve the artistic skills and knowledge of its members

Upcoming Events

SAGA hosts informative talks, exhibits, and other special events to promote awareness and appreciation of the tradition of sacred within our parish communities.



In order to keep its members informed about upcoming SAGA events and other workshops and events of interest to the sacred arts around Alberta, SAGA publishes a monthly newsletter.